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Warehouse Managers

NEW! World of Warehousing Now Available

In addition to being able to read the monthly Warehousing Forum online, you'll now have access to every issue printed.

The Electrical Distributor Magazine recently discussed with Ken Ackerman the importance of good housekeeping in the warehouse. We have received permission to share this important article with you.

If you had been a subscriber to our monthly newsletter this year, you would have received pertinent information about vested outsourcing as well as an article about warehouse costs and risks. An article about marketing generated significant interest from operators of warehouse service companies. For more information about this newsletter, click here.

Lean Warehousing

New Edition

The warehousing industry has experienced many changes since the second edition of this popular book was printed.

Now the newly updated and revised third edition is available.

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Warehousing Profitably—3rd Edition

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Ken Ackerman is recognized as the “Wise Man of Warehousing.” Read the account here.

Objectives: We seek to constantly improve our understanding of our clients' needs and to help them make their warehousing and logistics operations more profitable.
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Methods: We provide on-site management guidance, public and in-house educational seminars, warehousing texts and reference manuals, a monthly newsletter, and a home-study course.
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People: Every management advisor, writer and teacher at the Ackerman Company is a seasoned warehousing professional with substantial hands-on experience.
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Satisfaction: Our work has always been guaranteed. Our clients respect our advice because we take the time to understand their needs and business goals.
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Lean Warehousing

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first book to apply the lean manufacturing theory specifically to the world of warehousing. This 156-page soft cover book has nine parts, dealing with the why of getting lean and how it works, as well as storage, materials handling, tools, consumables, construction and leadership. The last part on implementation has a series of checklists. This reader friendly text combines the best of lean theory with practical tips that can be applied in your warehouse.


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