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Warehousing Profitably — 3rd Edition

Why read this book?

Another book on warehousing! Why read it? This one is different, because it is written both for the warehouse manager and that manager's boss. There are questions at the end of each chapter, but they are followed by comments rather than answers. Their purpose is not to test your ability to remember, but rather to help both the manager and the boss review common challenges. Warehousing is a deceptively simple business. Some think it is so basic that any decent manager can handle it. When the warehouse does not run smoothly, it is hard to understand why. Our goal is to illustrate what it takes to manage warehouses profitably. While other texts may tell you how to build a watch, this one just tells you what time it is. But it is also capable of telling you how to adjust the watch to keep accurate time. This book has 321 pages.


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Lean Warehousing

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first book to apply the lean manufacturing theory specifically to the world of warehousing. This 156-page soft cover book has nine parts, dealing with the why of getting lean and how it works, as well as storage, materials handling, tools, consumables, construction and leadership. The last part on implementation has a series of checklists. This reader friendly text combines the best of lean theory with practical tips that can be applied in your warehouse.


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Auditing Warehouse Performance

Warehousing is deceptively simple. Many believe that the function is so basic that any decent manager can run an effective warehouse. Then when the operation does not run smoothly, it is not easy to understand why. This book provides multiple approaches to the auditing process. We explore the "why" as well as the "how to." With the charts and examples presented, you will be well equipped to audit the performance of your warehouses.

Auditing Warehouse Performance succinctly covers such critical topics as productivity, efficiency, efficient layout, and understanding costs.


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Warehousing Tips

With 17 years' worth of tips gleaned from Warehousing Forum, this is the definitive quick-reference every warehouse manager needs, yet its priced to be accessible to more than just the manager.


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Warehousing Forum

Warehousing Forum, a monthly newsletter, is the industry publication dedicated to helping warehouse managers and their bosses improve productivity. It is designed to allow them to manage more profitably with tips, comments, and articles written by practicing professionals. This publication has attracted a growing number of subscribers from all over the world, for all of these reasons:

  • Its authors are warehousing professionals whose writing is based on personal experience, rather than interviews with others.
  • It is precise and practical, with a priority placed on "take home value."
  • Each month, the feature story provides insightful coverage of a key issue.
  • Ken's Comments is an editorial section written to deal with general management issues as well as warehousing.
  • Warehousing Tips includes practical nuggets of information for operations people.
  • The back page is Warehousing Digest, which reviews and excerpts the best writing found in other publications.
Subscription: $96 per year
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About the Author

Kenneth Ackerman has spent his entire business career in warehousing. Before becoming an international management advisor, he headed a multi-location warehousing company. He has written extensively on the subject and he conducts warehousing seminars all over the country and overseas. Active in professional trade groups, he is a past president and winner of The Distinguished Service Award of Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and founder of Warehousing Education and Research Council.

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